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Prescription Swimming Goggles

Available in a variety of colours, these swimming goggles are available in a variety of spherical prescriptions which are held in stock.

Bring your prescription and our Dispensing Opticians will be pleased to advise you which lens is best suited to your prescription.

Eye Examinations

An eye examination is much more than a simple check on your eyesight. We also screen for colour vision defects, double vision, glaucoma and diabetes.

Children's eyesight

It is never too soon to start caring for your child's vision. Much of their ocular development happens before the age of 7 so it's important to have their eyes tested from a young age especially if there is a family history of squints or lazy eyes. We have specially adapted tests for children too young to know the alphabet. Eye examinations are free to all children under 16 and those in full time education up to 18 years of age.


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